DCPS Student Software
DCPS Student Software

DCPS Student Software provides a secure, easy-to-use portal for students and teachers to access digital learning resources. Educators can save time by tackling account security and authentication, implementation and reporting all in one place.

Students can log in to their iReady, Achieve 3000 and Penda accounts with their district username and password. Click below to learn more.


iReady is an online, interactive, and engaging learning experience that assesses students’ skills then provides individualized instruction. The exciting format and engaging content, as well as Study Buddies and other interesting, contemporary characters, draw students in immediately. This experience builds students’ investment in their learning by providing real-time feedback on their progress in each skill and allows them to earn credits that they can use to play games.

It is also a great way to get students accustomed to using a computer and preparing them for more rigorous classroom work. iReady’s data-driven insights help teachers and school leaders identify areas for improvement and where they should focus their instructional time. Also Read: Samsung Data Migration Software

The program is also a good way to improve students’ math scores. A recent study showed that first through sixth grade students who used a top-rated math learning platform saw a significant growth in their scores. Specifically, those students who used Zearn Math (a flexible, digital math program that can be implemented as a core curriculum, digital complement or during extra learning time) outscored their matched demographically and academically similar peers by 7.5 points on the spring i-Ready Diagnostic.

This is a great way to improve your student’s test-taking skills and increase their performance on standardized tests, especially if you are a parent who wants to make sure your child is getting the most out of their education. Plus, i-Ready is fun and challenging.

i-Ready is available at all schools and can be accessed from any device. The system is easy to navigate and offers a range of activities for all ages.

It has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that teaches students to navigate the computer and perform common tasks such as copying text, searching for information, and completing quizzes. It also makes it easier to share assignments and learn from others.

i-Ready is a great example of DCPS’s commitment to delivering innovative software that will make your life easier and your students’ learning more fun. The program is constantly being improved and reimagined to meet new needs in the classroom. This is why it is one of the most popular programs for DCPS students and their teachers.

Achieve 3000

The Achieve 3000 Student Software provides students with an opportunity to improve their phonics skills, reading fluency and comprehension as well as vocabulary and writing skills. The program is a supplemental reading curriculum designed to be used with students in elementary school through high school grades. It focuses on developing phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, reading comprehension and vocabulary skills through leveled, non-fiction content tailored to each student’s ability level.

Students are able to access the online curriculum via computer, tablet or mobile device. This solution is ideal for on-site or home use and has been proven effective to improve standardized test scores.

Achieve3000 differentiates instruction at 12 levels of English and 7 levels of Spanish to ensure every student engages at his or her individual reading level, accelerating learning growth and mastery of state and Common Core Standards. It also increases high-stakes test performance, boosts college and career readiness and prepares students for lifelong learning.

Using the Achieve 3000 platform, teachers have access to the latest research-based literacy content and instruction in English and Spanish. This includes the Achieve3000 5-Step Literacy Routine, Conversation Guides to spark discussions about real-world topics, and targeted reporting tools that give teachers and caregivers a clear picture of each student’s progress at the click of a button.

The Achieve3000 platform also includes i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction, a powerful tool for educators that helps them determine where students are on the Common Core Learning Standards in the classroom and to help them identify areas of focus for further instruction. This enables classroom teachers and school administrators to make smarter decisions about where they need to spend instructional time to ensure all students are ready for the more rigorous standards.

In addition, the Achieve3000 Home Edition opens new lines of communication with parents and guardians by providing them with a real-time picture of their child’s progress along with tools to become more informed and involved in the classroom. This helps foster a positive attitude and a stronger bond between student and family members, which leads to higher learning performance.

The Achieve3000 platform continues to evolve based on the latest educational research, and this year’s release will include more data and customization tools for teachers as well as thousands of powerful videos that are personalized to each student’s needs based on their assessment results. Achieve3000 will also be partnering with NWEA to develop a powerful integration that allows educators to create MAP Informed Learning Paths.


Penda is a game-based, standards-aligned digital curriculum that accelerates mastery of science concepts for students across grades 3-10. Powered by our unique Pacing Assistance Service, our inclusive, game-based science curriculum aligns and scaffolds activities to ensure all students are successful with the same content. A built-in feedback cycle supports independent learning, and automated reports provide data to monitor progress and differentiate instruction. Strong accommodation tools, powered by Immersive Reader, a Microsoft Learning Tool, make it easy for students with disabilities and reading differences to participate in Penda lessons. They can customize the text display to meet their needs, including increasing font size and line, word and letter spacing. In addition, they can change the background color to increase contrast. These features help students with visual challenges, learning disabilities and ADHD to fully engage in the lessons.


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