Plus Aztec Software
Plus Aztec Software

Plus Aztec Software is a powerful educational software company that provides computer-based learning solutions to adult learners throughout the world. These programs help students remediate learning needs, prepare for standardized tests, re-skill and improve employment opportunities.

Founded in 1980, Aztec Software is a leader in improving the lives of adults and young adults through computerized skills remediation. The Company’s product set is developed by educators, not technologists.


The RollingHeads Software is a collection of high energy, fun music for any event. Whether it’s a wedding, party, nightclub or concert, they have you covered! They play music from the ’70s to today’s Top 40 hits, and are perfect for any situation.

In Native American legends, Rolling Heads are man-eating monsters that appear as disembodied heads rolling along the ground in search of humans to kill and devour. These monsters are associated with many Midwestern and Plains tribes, and were often regarded as evil spirits. Also Read: Data Architecture Software in Miami

Some Ojibwe and Cree tales claim that Rolling Heads can only be killed by drowning, or by causing them to fall off cliffs or into pits. Other stories claim that they can be destroyed by magic or through human intervention, such as putting a beaver in their path.

They are sometimes described as evil, and in some stories they appear to be the victims of homicidal murders. These stories often include forced cannibalism and gruesome deaths, which is why the Rolling Head is referred to as a “sucking monster.”

It is believed that Rolling Heads were created when victims of especially violent murders rose from the dead to seek revenge. They usually rise from the body of a wife killed by her husband, but in some cases the story includes a lover or other victim as well. They may also be found in stories about witchcraft or other taboos.

Barcode Label Design Software

Barcode labels are a quick and easy way to track inventory, equipment, and more. They’re commonly used in a variety of industries, including supply chain, manufacturing, packaging, and logistics.

There are a number of different types of barcodes that you can use to create labels, including linear and 2D barcodes. Linear barcodes are best suited for small areas, while 2D barcodes are more versatile and can be used on larger surfaces.

UPC: Universal Product Codes are the most common type of barcodes, which are standardized by GS1 and follow a set of formatting rules. They’re a 12-digit code that stores information such as product names, prices, and more.

QR Code: QR codes are another type of barcode that’s more mobile-friendly than traditional codes. They’re scanned by smartphones and allow users to access product details or download a special application.

WaspLabeler +2D: WaspLabeler +2D is a label design software program that lets you design and print barcode labels in minutes. It comes with more than 100 pre-designed label templates and a simple interface that’s easy to learn and use.

This software allows you to easily add company logos and text to your barcode labels, so you can brand your products and services. It also includes an easy-to-use color picker and a spell checker, so you can ensure your product labels match your brand image. It also has a variety of tools to help you create barcode labels and connect them to your data sources, so you can easily retrieve your label data when it’s time to track inventory.

Email Marketing Software

Aztec Software offers a variety of software that can be used to create email newsletters and surveys. This software allows businesses and non-profit organizations to easily send and track their campaigns.

Plus Aztec Software provides to its customers systems, services and/or software that allow a user of the system to view online learning content (in various forms: text, animations, sound, video, directed instructions) in order to interact with other users, administer classes, provide learning content, conduct assessments, report, and modify and create tests. The system may be shared with multiple customers by one customer or it might be a separate version that is available to support only a single customer.

The system includes but is not limited to an Administration System, Content Development Tools, Player, Testing Tools, Learning Management System and all related systems and subsystems. All learning content, screen designs, lessons, questions, certificates, images, sounds, text, animations, music, video problems, tests, assessments, reports and associated tools are the intellectual property of Aztec or are licensed by Aztec to be used as part of the System.

The System is intended to be used by people who have an understanding of how a computer operates, the use of a web browser and basic computer skills. The use of the system is at the user’s sole risk and Aztec is not responsible for any loss resulting from the failure of the system, connection to the system, or inaccurate or incomplete content, reports or testing results.

SEO SpyGlass

If you want to climb to the top of the search engine rankings, you need a good SEO strategy. Plus Aztec Software offers the SEO SpyGlass Software to help you do just that.

The program can easily analyze a website to determine its link profile. This includes the exact URL of each backlink and the PageRank value of each one.

It also shows you the anchor text that the competitors are using in their links, which is very important because it helps establish relevance for the keywords that are being linked to. In addition, it also tells you if the competitor is buying backlinks or acquiring them organically.

Another handy feature is the ability to sort out your competitor’s links by homepages, which can help you understand their backlinking strategies better. This can help you avoid buying or acquiring backlinks from a competitor’s homepage, which could violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

In addition, you can sort out links by age, which is a crucial factor for some search engines. This can give you an idea of whether your competitor is getting links from websites that have been around longer, which could boost their rankings.

Lastly, the software comes with various customizable reports that can be printed out. These reports can be tailored to suit your company’s needs and are available in Professional and Enterprise editions. They can be branded with your company logo and colors.

MB Free Aztec Astrology Software

MB Free Aztec Astrology Software is a program that determines your Aztec day sign from your date of birth and then gives you a detailed interpretation of that particular day sign. It also tells you about your positive and negative characteristic traits, your personality in general thus helping you improve yourself for the better.

The program also offers a number of useful features such as astrology and numerology reports, a chart viewer, on-screen horoscopes, on-screen charts and a handy report editor. It comes with a free copy of the new ACS PC Atlas, which gives you a complete longitude and latitude map for over 250,000 places around the world.

This software is designed to be easy to use and offers a wide range of reports that are the perfect choice for aspiring astrologers. These include Professional Natal Report, Personal Numerology, Complete Relationship Report and Professional Forecaster. The software is powered by a state-of-the-art chart database that can be accessed from anywhere on your hard drive in either Nova or Solar Fire formats.

It even features a chart wheel that lets you view the most astrologically relevant information on a single screen. Its most impressive feature is its ability to automatically generate and edit on-screen charts. Its on-screen horoscopes are especially useful for those that need to see a real life horoscope as quickly as possible.


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